Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc.'s (CVM) Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all CVM Purchase Orders.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase (Document D232)

Special Purchase Order Requirements
Special Purchase Order Requirements, if applicable to the PO, will be marked on the face of the order.
Special Purchase Order Requirements (Document D233)

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual
CVM's Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM) applies to all CVM Purchase Orders for materials, components, and services used in production at CVM.
Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (Document WI-72)

Supplier Certification
Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc. requires its U.S. Government contract subcontractors to complete this Annual Supplier Certification form to comply with U.S. Government regulations on subcontracting.
Annual Supplier Certification (Document D234)