Design Group

Design Group
Our design team offers services for designing, prototyping, and manufacturing new products and process automation equipment.

• Our designers will work along side your engineering team to aid in the completion of your project or to help your team lower the manufacturing cost of components.
• We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to your most demanding design problems.
• The ISO9001 framework for design and development guides each project through its successive stages to achieve maximum return on investment and successful project outcome.

Along with our partners, our design group can provide mechanical and electrical engineering services and complete build services. Other design houses often outsource much of the machining and assembly: we have these resources in house and can often accelerate project completion by working closely with our machining, fabrication, procurement, and assembly teams.

Below you will find some examples of our design projects using mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic assemblies.

• Cap feeder bowl and tracks for food packaging machinery
• Medical wire winding machine
• Compression molding machine for cosmetics packaging
• Injection blow molding machines for medical products
• Automated assembly machine for a mower/trimmerís bearing housing assembly
• Secondary forming press station for polyethylene foam production
• Inspection & test equipment - wheelchair motor assembly testing machine

In addition to normal part drawings and electrical schematics, we can provide patent drawings, maintenance manuals, user manuals, presentation graphics, and exploded assembly drawings.